Ultra Series

Ultra Series is a set of relays with advanced protections and features for transformer and feeder applications.

This platform can handle a multi-protocol, serial or Ethernet communication for data sharing with supervision systems.

All models can support a AND/OR programmable logic based on inputs and events to control the relay outputs.

A dedicated set of protection relay models are suitable for DC application in substations.

  • Configuration via PC tool
  • Digital technology
  • Touch screen interface
  • Programmable logic
  • Multi-functions AC and DC relays
  • Dedicated to transformer and feeder applications
  • Multi-protocol serial and Ethernet communication
  • Application flexibility
  • Withdrawable design
  • Special version for DC substations
  • Event and trip logs
  • Fault recordings









3 Checking or Interlocking relay
7(di/dt) Current Rate of Change
21 Distance Relay
27 Undervoltage Relay
27V1 Positive Sequence Undervoltage (47u+)
37 Undercurrent Relay
46 Current Unbalance
47 Phase Sequence
49(i2t) Thermal Overload
50/51 Overcurrent Relay
50/51BF Breaker Failure
50N/51N Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent
51LR AC inverse time overcurrent (locked rotor)
protection relay
51V Voltage Restrained Time Overcurrent
59 Overvoltage Relay
59Uo Overvoltage Zero sequence
59V2 Negative Sequence Overvoltage (47o-)
64 Ground Protective Relay
66 Notching or Jogging Device
Maximum Starting Rate
Starts Per Hour
Time Between Starts
67 AC Directional Overcurrent Relay
67N Neutral Directional Overcurrent
69 CB-L (Lock C/B reclosure)
73 (single line) Automatic Line Test - Single line
73 (double line) Automatic Line Test - Double line
74 Trip coil supervision
76 DC Overcurrent Relay
77 Telemetering / Pulse Transmitter
79 AC Reclosing Relay / Auto Reclose
81(U/O) Frequency Relay
82 DC Reclosing Relay / Auto Reclose
85/94 Remote Trip
86 Lock Out Relay, Master Trip Relay
87N Differential Protective Relay
87T Transformer Differential