Cooling and Ventilation Systems

Comet Fans design and manufacture plug-in units and systems for ventilation, cooling and filtering on any type of rolling stock.

We merge in these units our long-term experience in onboard rolling stock applications, and our competence as fan and blowers specialists. The final result are solutions offering the best integration among structural, functional and environmental aspects.

Only the most reliable technologies are considered in the design of these units: plate-and-bar radiators, cyclone filters, vacuum-impregnated electrical motors, low-noise fans. No compromises to achieve the highest quality and reliability.

All units are fully tested in our labs and test facilities, with a full control on the design and validation process.

Our offer includes:

Image Image
System type

Cooling System

Ventilation system

Main functions Water cooling
Water/Glycole cooling
Oil cooling
Air cooling
Water separation
Ducted ventilation
Application type Transformer (oil cooling)
Diesel Engine
Traction Converter
Traction Motor
Machine Room
Transformer (dry cooling)