In Microelettrica, we design, manufacture, and sells a complete range of High Speed Circuit Breakers for railway rolling stock and fixed applications. Our 80-year worldwide experience guarantees very high reliability and low maintenance of our products. High performances are achieved through a strongly optimized design, which ensures a robust dimensioning of components combined with reduced weight and costs. The extreme making and breaking capability is the evidence of our will to be the best partner in the rail market.

The Railway rolling stock IR series is certified according to IEC 60077 and suitable as line circuit breaker for the following applications:

  • Machinery room installation
  • Roof installation
  • Under frame installation


The Railway fixed application IR series is certified according to IEC 61992, ANSI C37-14 and is suitable for DC substations as:

  • Rectifier circuit breaker
  • Line circuit breaker
  • Interconnector circuit breaker


The Railway fixed application IR series is certified according to IEC 60947 for heavy industry and energy production.

Considering standard versions as well as customized solutions, the Microelettrica High Speed Circuit Breakers represent the widest portfolio on the market, supporting the “just enough features” approach.

IR3000V, IR4000V and IR6000SV lines are designed to withstand the typical Shock and Vibration profile of on-board applications according to category 1 – Class B (IEC61373).

IR3000F, IR4000F and IR6000F lines are designed to fulfill the growing short circuit power requirements coming from nowadays railway net.

The following tables help identify the IR configuration that can satisfy the specific requirements of each application.