Wire Wound Resistors

This equipment is made by winding up a resistor wire on a ceramic tube or plate, and connecting terminals through clamps. Resistor heating does not affect energy adsorption and insulation. We can provide two types of wirewound resistors: tube and frame resistors.

Tube resistors are available as single, double, and multi-tube settings. We also offer a low-inductive design.

Typical applications include charging, discharging and damping.

  • Resistance values: 0.2-8000 Ohm
  • Continuous power: 0.2 kW – 18 kW
  • Protection class: IP20 – IP23
  • Wide ohmic range
  • Suitable for continuous or intermittent power
  • Low inductivity and high insulation voltage ensured by electrically insulating or metallic material frames
  • Wide shape range
  • Low maintenance
  • Good Energy absorption and power dissipation for auxiliary applications
  • IP00 or stainless-steel frame
  • Connection box
  • Thermal monitoring system (where applicable)
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