Compact Aluminium Resistors

These resistors are provided in aluminium housings (GW series) or aluminium profile housings with integrated cooling fins (GWK series). They are especially useful inside narrow cubicles when high energy absorption capacity is needed. Connecting multiple compact resistors in series results in higher performance units.

  • Resistance values: 2.2-1800 Ohm
  • Continuous power: 40 W – 10 kW
  • Protection class: IP20 – IP66
  • Reduced insulation distance
  • Low-temperature external surfaces
  • Wide ohmic range
  • Suitable for harsh and high humidity environments
  • Compact, lightweight units
  • Low maintenance
  • Cable glands
  • Solid stainless steel housing for very harsh environments
  • Series or parallel connection to handle higher voltage or current
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