Pro Series

PRO Series is a platform equipped with advanced protections and features to control DC substations.

It can handle multi-protocol communication including the IEC61850 protocol.

The relay is composed of a main and a remote unit, installed together or separated.

  • Configuration via PC tool
  • Digital technology
  • Touch screen interface
  • Programmable logic
  • Multi-functions DC relays
  • Dedicated to feeder applications
  • Multi-protocol communication serial and Ethernet
  • IEC61850 communication
  • Event and trip logs
  • Fault recordings
  • Detachable front panel
  • Easy integration with Microelettrica transducers

3 Checking or Interlocking relay
7(di/dt) Current rate of change
21 Distance Relay
27 Undervoltage relay
49(i2t) Thermal Overload
50/51 Overcurrent Relay
50/51BF Breaker Failure
50N/51N Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent
59 Overvoltage Relay
60FL Voltage or Current Balance Relay
64 Ground Protective Relay
67 Directional Overcurrent Relay
69 CB-L (Lock C/B reclosure)
73 (single line) Automatic Line Test - Single line
73 (double line) Automatic Line Test - Double line
74 Trip coil supervision
76 DC Overcurrent Relay
77 Telemetering / Pulse Transmitter
82 DC Reclosing Relay / Auto Reclose
85 Auxiliary C/B remote commands
85/94 Remote Trip
86 Lock Out Relay, Master Trip Relay
89/30 Diagnostic C/B, switches position and statistic