The ECOMeter device can measure the consumed and regenerated, active and reactive energy of a traction unit. It measures the line voltage and line current, and calculates the energy value in compliance with EN 50463-2.

ECOMeter allows transferring line voltage and current information to the traction control unit (TCU) through the ECOBox interface adapter, and to the ground through the ECOCom interface adapter.

  • Suitable for installation up to 25kVac and 3kVdc
  • EN 50463:2017 compliance
  • Low maintenance
  • Harmonic detection
  • Overcurrent detection
  • Multi-catenary detection
  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Customized plug connectors
  • Ad hoc firmware development
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ECOMeter V125

ECOMeter VI125

ECOMeter V170

ECOMeter VI170


ECOMeter Light

Catenary Voltage AC 50Hz [kV] 25 25 25 25 -- 2*
AC 16.7Hz [kV] 15 15 15 15 -- 2*
DC [kV] 3 3 3 3 3 3
Installation Outdoor** Outdoor** Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Indoor
Pollution Degree PD4 (PD3 for 25kV) PD4 (PD3 for 25kV) PD4 PD4 PD4 PD3
Overvoltage Category OV4 (OV3 for 25kV) OV4 (OV3 for 25kV) OV4 OV4 OV4 OV3
Dimensions (HxDxW) [mm] 255x328x265 255x363x265 255x458x266 255x490x267 255x245x268 231x95x175
Weight [kg] 25 32 32 40 20 2.2

* Auxiliary supply line
** Indoor for 25kV installations