ECOCom NG is a Data Handling System (DHS) that can handle energy consumption data for billing purposes. It also acts as a gateway to support systems like DAS, CBM, and general data transfer to ground systems.

Energy data transferred to DHS is used to create and store Compiled Energy Billing Data (CEBD), which is then submitted to the ground server for managing energy consumption. ECOCom NG integrates wireless connectivity and can acquire time and location information to tag the transferred data.

  • WIFI network interface
  • CAN network interface to vehicle logic or other devices
  • Digital input/output
  • RS485/RS232 serial interface
  • Ethernet network interface
  • Diagnostic and signalling LED panel
  • Geographical position via GPS and timing via GSM
  • Internal or external multiband GSM/UMTS/LTE antenna
  • 4G communication network
  • EN 50463:2017 compliance
  • Dual SIM holder
  • Integration with different Data Collection Systems (DCS)
Download the ECOCom NG data sheet here