LTWS Series

LTWS Line disconnectors feature a modular and flexible design to support any combinations of up to 4 CO poles, with manual closing lever. One input can be connected to one of the three outputs to configure the device with open, load or emergency positions.

The rating is 350A per pole with 15 kA of short circuit withstanding capability. The poles may be connected in parallel for higher current ratings. Contacts are suitable for on-load making to perform capacitor discharge. Disconnectors are mounted into indoor HV boxes, equipped with the manual control lever on the front panel.

  • Ratings up to 2000 VDC/AC and up to 350 A/pole applications
  • Execution: Single pole or change over disconnector
  • No breaking capacity
  • Manual Modular-Multipolar up to 4 CO poles
  • Category / Operational Frequency class : A4 / C3
  • Designed for applications up to OV3, PD3
  • Suitable for vertical mounting
  • IEC60077 compliant
  • Modular design for manual disconnector up to 2 kV systems
  • Up to 4 poles: 350 A change-over, 3 positions
  • Most compact design available on the market providing great size, weight and cost savings
  • Up to 4 disconnecting poles
  • Position Indicator
  • Up to 4 auxiliary contacts blocks (1NO+1NC)
  • High voltage Harting connector
  • Low voltage connector
  • Any brand Key-Locks
  • High voltage detection indicator


Application Type Isolation Earthing Switch
Rated Insulation Voltage @
[V] 1000
Thermal Current @ 75°C [A] 300
Short Circuit Withstand Current for 5ms [kA] 30
Dimensions Length L [mm] 390
Width W [mm] 350
Height H [mm] 357
Weight [kg] 25