Traction Converter Cooling System

Heat exchanger, pump and tank of a water-cooled converter are often integrated in a functional unit.

Our cooling systems are tailor-made, plug-in units, designed to meet the requirements of performance, mechanical interface, noise level, and weight defined for every project. 

When beneficial for the project, the cooling units can also integrate other functions, such as braking resistors and filter inductors.

  • CFD-optimized air-side and fluid-side engineering  
  • Fully integrated fan units from Comet Fans product range 
  • Full set of aerodynamic, noise, thermal, vibration tests available in-house 
  • Plug-in units with desired mechanical and hydraulic interfaces 
  • Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy designs
Image Image
Configuration Plug-in Unit Aircooled
Heat Exchanger
Ventilation Unit
Main components Fan Units Fan Units Fan Units
Plenum Plenum Plenum
Frame / Box Frame / Box Frame / Box
Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger -
Pump - -
Expansion Tank - -
Installation type Inside vehicle
On the roof
Inside vehicle
On the roof
Inside vehicle
On the roof
Vehicle type All All All