Traction Motor Blower

Traction Motors on rail vehicles may need forced ventilation to operate in a suitable temperature range.

We designed our blowers and fan units to fit with the typical space, weight, and noise constraints of this application. In addition, the units provide high levels of efficiency and reliability.

  • Widest range of solutions with six dedicated series of axial and centrifugal fans
  • Highest reliability rate with a proven record of >5.000 TMB in service
  • Optional integrated ducting, filtering and noise reduction systems
  • High adaptability to mechanical and performance requirements
Image Image
Series CF CNX
Configuration / Fan Type Centrifugal Centraxial
Vehicle Type Locomotive
Installation Type Inside vehicle
Inside vehicle
Air Suction Side Lateral Vertical/Horizontal
Operational Voltage [Vac] 220V > 480V 220V > 480V
Operational Frequency [Hz] 20Hz > 60Hz 20Hz > 60Hz
Max Pressure [Pa] 6800 6200