Isolating Earthing Switch

Isolating Earthing Switches (IES) allow isolation or/and connection to earth of several High Voltage terminal points for safe maintenance operation.

Modularity and versatility are the essential design characteristics of IES.

  • High short circuit withstand capacity
  • Compact size
  • Modular design to support a wide variety of configurations
  • One to six modules for scalable pole solutions
  • Customized study to individually meet your functional requirements
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Rated Operational Voltage Un [Vdc] 750 3000
Rated Insulation Voltage @ OV3/PD3 Unm [Vdc] 1000 4800
Conventional Free Air Thermal Current @75°C Ith [A] 300 600
Rated Short Time Withstand Current Icw [kA] 30 (5ms) 50 (0,1 sec.)