Load Break Switch Panel

Load Break Switches (MLBS) are installed downstream each High-Speed Circuit Breaker, thus allowing, in case of failure, to isolate the Circuit Breaker and ensure system safety.

The layout may be completed by an additional Load Break Switch that connects two feeders to ensure service continuity in case of failure of one circuit breaker. This increases the overall safety by including one more isolation step.

All switches are indoor reliable solutions based on our 50-yearlong technical experience.

  • DC rated voltage 750V, 1500V and 3000V
  • Service current up to 4000A
  • Rated Short-Time Withstand Current 75kA for 250ms
  • Easy and limited maintenance
  • Reliability and long lifetime
  • Modularity and compactness
  • Compliant to standards EN 50123-3
Configuration LBS 1 LBS 2 LBS 3 LBS 4
Basic example Diagram Image Image Image Image
Nominal Voltage [Vdc] 750 / 1500 / 3000
Rated Service Current INe [Adc] 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000
Breaking Capacity [Adc up to 3INe
Making Capacity [kAdc] up to 100
Execution Fixed / withdrawable Fixed / withdrawable Fixed Fixed
Control Type Manual / Motorised with manual emergency
Protection Arc protection