Line test resistor

The Line test resistor checks whether a short circuit occurs to protect more valuable components as the High-Speed DC circuit breakers against wear and tear and excessive current flow.

Thanks to our design and manufacturing skills, the resistor can ensure low-temperature operation in HSCB trolley installations. In outdoor applications, the resistor can support harsh conditions and dissipate high energy up to 20 MJ.

  • High Energy absorption or repetitive duty cycles
  • Light and compact solution for HSCB trolley installation
  • Robust and low maintenance for outdoor installation
  • Low ohmic variation range
  • Low inductance value

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Image Image Image
Wirewound Plate Strip
Application Light Rail Main Line Light Rail Main Line Main Line
Nominal Voltage V 750÷1500 3000 750÷1500 3000 3000
Energy (Up to) MJ 0.52 16 0.52 16 16
Resistance (Up to) Ohm 50 20 50 20 20
Installation HSCB Trolley Indoor/Outdoor HSCB Trolley Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor
Weight (Up to) kg 10 100 10 100 100
IP Protection Degree IP00 IP20 IP00 IP20 IP20